Trustless File Sharing

Trustless File Storing and Sharing over RecordsKeeper Blockchain


Data sharing has always been prone to attacks, hackers are always present in a search for ways to hack any data by means of channel diversion or accessing the encrypted transferred data. RecordsKeeper can be used for creating a system which will help in sharing data over the network securely. This system will encrypt the file with receiver’s public key before sharing. Once the receiver receives the file, they can decrypt it using their private keys. At each stage, the Recordskeeper will maintain the metadata of the file and keep track of all the changes made in it. Thus, both the parties can verify if a document has been manipulated or not.

The primary benefit of using RecordsKeeper Blockchain for file sharing is the safety of the data. Information present on RecordsKeeper Blockchain is immutable and unalterable which makes it safe and secure. In case of the RecordsKeeper Blockchain, if a user uploads a file then the hash of the file gets stored in the Blockchain and then the user can verify the authenticity of the file by using the hash and claim the ownership.