Government Regulations

Government Regulation Policies on the RecordsKeeper Blockchain


Identification documents are a tedious but necessary responsibility for all citizens. These documents can be easily faked, which has a direct impact on many government agendas; for example, governments are often not able to implement health or food policies efficiently due to partial or misleading information. RecordsKeeper can be effectively used as a solution to this problem; records with proper and unalterable information can be saved in the RecordsKeeper ledger, which can be easily accessed when required.

This information is safe with RecordsKeeper as the details of the document are saved in the ledger, making the verification process effortless. The RecordsKeeper platform aims to significantly reduce the amount of time and resources spent on cross verification of identification documents. Once the data is stored on the RecordsKeeper blockchain with the document hash, users can claim ownership of the files. By this mechanism, the risk of fake document creation is significantly reduced. Thus, with the help of RecordsKeeper, we can increase the authenticity of government identification documents.