How to verify Records/Transactions in RecordsKeeper Blockchain?

RecordsKeeper is an open source public Blockchain available to everyone. RecordsKeeper can be used to store large data over the Blockchain in key-value based format and retrieve at other ends. You can use RecordsKeeper to verify records and transactions. For example, you can view the Proof-of-existence demo (

The Proof-of-Existence utilizes the functionality of taking hash while uploading the file over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain. The hash of the file is stored as the key and data is stored as the metadata of the file.

By storing the hash as the key, we make sure that the users can search and retrieve the data using the hash of the file. When the users upload the file to verify it on the Blockchain then a request is made over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain to get the file using the hash as the key. If the file is present over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain then the result is returned else if the file is not present then the result is empty. In this way, the user can check the verification of the file. If the file has tampered then the hash of the file will be changed and it won’t be present over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain.

As the RecordsKeeper provides the functionality of publishing multiple data with the same key, this also provides the functionality of verifying the original owner of the file. If multiple users upload the file over the Blockchain then time-based entries are stored over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain where you can verify the original owner by the date of published record.

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