How RecordsKeeper is aligned with Records Management Regulations ?

RecordsKeeper Blockchain-centric solution is built to store, share and manage your information in the safest fashion. Once your data is over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain, it cannot be deleted, tampered or modified even by the data owner. The only difference between a traditional database storage platform and RecordsKeeper is that Recordskeeper stores docs in Blockchain immutably & securely in a distributed manner while other database storage platform store them in Traditional (MySQL/Oracle) DBs, which are mutable, has central storage as well as control hence making them less secure.

Documents stored in RecordsKeeper can be accessed back in the same formats they are stores. For eg. Documents stored as PDF will be accessed as PDF, JPEG will be accessed as JPEG etc. This makes us compliant with “ISO 15489 Information and documentation — Records management” which specifically deals with the Records Keeping & Management in Corporations.

How does RecordsKeeper work?

RecordsKeeper is an Open Public Mineable Blockchain for RecordKeeping & Data Security. It offers a full suite of structured and easily accessible record keeping for organizations and individuals. Record Keeper creates a platform for structured storage over the decentralized network for the ease of data access and security between peers. The Record Keeper capitalizes over the pros of the Blockchain network to create an ecosystem for secure transfer, authorization, integrity, and authenticity of data.

Here is a demo of how Recordskeeper work 

Step 1: Introduction

Register yourself on Recordskeeper Blockchain by providing your name and email I’d to store your documents in the records keeper 

Step 2: Get XRK token

Generate XRK wallet to upload data on the Recordskeeper Blockchain; it is necessary to have an XRK wallet to upload data on the XRK wallet.

After generating the XRK wallet, you will be provided with the public & private key. Download the keys and keep it save for the further transactions.

If you already have an XRK wallet, enter your private key and start uploading the data on the Recordskeeper Blockchain.



Step 3: Create Record

Here, you can start recording your data into the Recordskeeper Blockchain.

Follow the instructions to enter data into the Recordskeeper Blockchain

  • Enter your data identifier which is associated with your data, and it will be publically visible on the blockchain
  • Enter your data, which may be in any format like JSON, digest, hex code, text, e.t.c.

Step 4: Review Data

Now review the data carefully, which you have entered to be stored on the Recordskeeper Blockchain and click on authorize to submit the data on the blockchain, specifying the private key of your XRK wallet.

You can also review the data with the transaction URL provided to you.

Step 5: Retrieve your data

Enter your Record identifier to retrieve data from Recordskeeper Blockchain.

Now, you have successfully understood the method of storing and retrieving data from the Records Keeper Blockchain.