How to get XRK tokens?

XRKs are the peer-2-peer-based tokens used in RecordsKeeper Blockchain as an incentive & payment model for uploading records and data over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain. XRK are provided to the miners as fees computed for uploading records over RecordsKeeper Blockchain. XRKs are based upon Bitcoin’s original protocol with changes to its underlying codes, therefore conceiving an entirely effective token with a different set of ‘out of the box’ features which makes it a perfect fit for data upload.The user uploading the data over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain has to make sure to provide the XRK fees required to upload the data with the transaction. The fees are based on the size of data and are currently running at 0.1 XRK/Kbyte.

Currently, you can receive XRK tokens in two ways:

  1. RecordsKeeper Airdrop: The team at RecordsKeeper is providing 5 free XRK tokens for you to use to publish data over the RecordsKeeper Blockchain. You can visit the link: to register and receive your free XRK tokens. You can also refer others and receive few extra tokens.

You can follow the steps mentioned in the corresponding links to successfully register and receive free XRK tokens  (

  1. RecordsKeeper Mining: RecordsKeeper is an open public Blockchain available for everyone. We have a strong mining community and always look to increase and engage the mining community. As a miner, you will receive a reward of 10 XRK coins per block in addition to the transaction fees which your computer confirms on the RecordsKeeper Blockchain. You can also participate in RecordsKeeper mining.

Follow the mining documentation to get started with RecordsKeeper mining:

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