How to create and restore XRK Wallet?

RecordsKeeper provides different utilities to manage your XRK tokens and publish data. One of the major tools is the XRK wallet (

XRK wallet comes with the functionality of mnemonic seeds, which provides you with 24 random words which you can use to restore wallet. This makes it a much better process of saving wallets as you don’t need to remember or store your private key. Below we are going to discuss How to create and restore your XRK Wallet.

Create XRK Wallet

Step1: Open up the link for the XRK wallet (

Step2: Click on the button “Create XRK Wallet”. This will open a popup window shown below

Step3: Now click on the “Create XRK Wallet”. You can also provide an optional password for your wallet. This password is used to secure your wallet and you have to provide this password to recover your wallet. After clicking on the button, your wallet will be created with the Private Key and the Public Address. It will also give you the option to download and print your wallet. You can also see the mnemonic seed generated which you can use to recover your wallet. XRK wallet also provides you with the QR code where you can scan the QR code to get your Private Key and Public Address.

Make sure to save your private key securely as if you lose your private key, you could also lose your XRK tokens.

Step4: You can click the Print button below to print your paper wallet. The example of print preview is shown below (You can also take the print of your seed phrase separately)

Step5: Click on the close button and this will take your generated public address to the address field on the start screen. Then you can click on the “Submit” button to start your wallet.

Restore XRK Wallet

Step1: To restore XRK wallet, Click on the “Restore XRK Wallet” button on the home screen at

Step2: Enter your 24 Seed phrase and password for the wallet and click on “Restore Wallet”.

Step3: After Clicking on the button, your wallet will be restored and you will see your private key and Public Address on a screen similar shown below. You will also get the QR code for both Private Key and Public Address. You can also print your wallet by clicking on the “Print wallet” button. Click on the “Close” button and this will get your address to the home screen of the wallet.

Step4: Now you can start your wallet by clicking on the “Submit” button.

RecordsKeeper do not store or pass your Private Key at all. You can be sure that RecordsKeeper will never store your Private Key. You can follow the How to use XRK wallet? (link to the blog) to get familiar with the XRK wallet.

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