Why Should You Invest in Whitelisted Pre-sale?

ICO’s have three phases for the token sale. The initial phase is the private sale. In private sale, tokens are sold to early investors and are not open for public sale. At this stage, capitalization can be bought at the cheapest rates and the bonus offered is maximum, but the risk involved is also maximum. After the private sale comes the whitelisted pre-sale phase. Whitelisted pre-sale is the token sale conducted before the main crowdsale that is open for public. The last stage is the public sale which is the main result sale of the ICO aimed to raise funds for the project.

While each phase has its pros and cons, investing in whitelisted pre-sale is considered preferable for many reasons. As ICO pre-sale brings the best of both the worlds, it is regarded as an excellent middle ground for investors. It lets investors have higher bonus then the crowdsale with the minimal risk involved compared to buying tokens in private sale.

Taking part in whitelisted pre-sale makes investors part of a privileged group of individuals who are buying tokens before anyone else. Tokens purchased in whitelisted pre-sale phase enables investors to unlock various benefits and services. Also, investors in the pre-sale phase are limited by the companies. Taking part in ICO pre-sale ensures the token purchase. There have been cases where ICOs cancel crowdsale, especially if the ICO hits the fiat hard cap through appreciation of crypto invested. As pre-sale is usually aimed at bigger investors, there is a possibility of purchasing more tokens compared to Crowdsale. Hence in ICO pre-sale investors end up with the best deals. So Investing in ICO pre-sale is a smarter choice.

Investors of token pre-sale also have chances of getting a quick return, in case the tokens bought at a discount are sold at ICO price in token trading.

RecordsKeeper ICO Token Pre-Sale

Gains are ensured when Investing in ICO pre-sale offered by established companies such as RecordsKeeper. Recordskeeper is an open public mineable blockchain for recordkeeping & Data Security offering a full suite of structured and easily accessible recordkeeping for organizations and individuals. RecordsKeeper creates a platform for structured storage over the decentralized network for the ease of data access and security among peers.

RecordsKeeper token sale is in whitelisted pre-sale stage currently, offering 15% bonus on purchase above 5000 XRK/ETH, and if token purchase is above 25000 XRK/ETH then you will get a 25% bonus, but if you purchase XRK that are below 5000 then you will not be eligible for bonus with other benefits and services including data storage, getting payouts on your balance with master RecordsKeeper nodes. In RecordsKeeper only 300 Whitelisted Participants are allowed.

30% of the Funds raised through the token sale will be used for Blockchain scale and development, 20% on research and development, 20% on contractors and salaries, 15% on marketing and promotion and the remaining 15% on legal, licenses and admin.

RecordsKeeper ICO Pre-Sale Investor’s Reviews

Indriyanti on Facebook says “RecordsKeeper is a promising ICO and Team behind the project is perfect.”

Also, Isuru Sampath says  “Recordskeeper is a project with a good reputation that deserves close attention. The team has already done an excellent job, and until the end result there is a little that will surprise the entire market with cryptocurrency!”

Phuoc Nguyen on Facebook said “ Working Draft. I learned all the details and saw very great prospects for development. The team is already gaining public attention, and this is a sign of growth in capitalisation. If you are looking for a reliable investment, then this is an excellent option.”

As the success of any project hugely depends on the trust of the investors in the project. Needless to say for RecordsKeeper future seems bright. This is undoubtedly the right time to invest for reaping maximum gains with the success of the project.