RecordsKeeper Token Distribution Cancellation Announcement

RecordsKeeper Token Sale has been cancelled due to minimal funds raised till now. Since only a few days are left, it is highly unlikely we will be able to reach soft cap.
Therefore, we will be refunding all the contributions received till now. Contributors will receive the exact amount they transferred, and we will bear transaction fees or gas cost. Even though the sale is cancelled, we will be distributing Airdrop and Bounty tokens as people have worked hard for it. Here is the Airdrop and Bounty distribution list.
Till now we have raised 0.0035 Bitcoin and 0.8342 Ether only.

Why are we cancelling the Token sale?

There are many reasons which led to the cancellation of the token sale.
Firstly, we were unable to find a good marketing partner. We relied on the fact that product speaks for itself, but we were wrong. A good product is absolutely necessary, but the importance of reaching out to people is equally important.
Secondly, the 80-90% drop in prices of cryptocurrencies has negatively impacted our chances of a successful token sale. Even though the equivalent USD price of Bitcoin is low, people prefer to hold so that they can recover their losses.
Lastly, negative sentiment in the market, a flood of ICO scams have made it difficult for us to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Can people still develop apps using RecordsKeeper?

Yes. Since RecordsKeeper blockchain is a public Blockchain it will keep running as it is without any change. This RecordsKeeper Public Blockchain can still be used to build, & develop the applications for Data Security & Record Keeping. Please refer to RecordsKeeper documentation for more details.

So, what next?

We will also like to make it clear that even though the Token sale is cancelled, we will keep working on RecordsKeeper Blockchain, add new features and work on its adoption across industries. We might look for venture capital funds if the need arises.